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2014 LT RS Sunroof leaking? Can’t find drain hoses

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I have a 2014 LT RS and the sunroof says webesto is that a stock gm part? Because I took off headliner as much as I could up to the sunroof because it is glued to it. I don’t see a drain hose anywhere on the sunroof. I have taken off every pillar to search for a hose nothing came up. Now I am thinking is this a aftermarket sunroof with no drain? Is this even possible. Thank you for any help in advance.
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There are two in the front that run down the A-pillars. The holes are a bit difficult to see, but they're in the front corners. There probably are two more in the back that run down the B-Pillars, as well.

Literally just had ours leak a couple days ago, and I ended up having to blow the passenger front side one out with my air compressor attached to some vacuum hose I had shoved down the tube.
Yeah, I blew it out from up top. You can see where my vacuum line is going - that is into the drain tube:

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Sure looks like it's a retrofit, just based on that part number: Spoiler Sunroofs and then your neighbor definitely confirmed that. I presume your glass retracts above the roof, rather than into it?

It's so weird to see a retrofit anymore when they're so widely available.

Based on what I'm seeing, I expect they have a full rubber seal all the way around the glass (since it doesn't slide back, under the roof), and then plan on that keeping the sunroof watertight, thus requiring no drain tubes.

It might just be the picture, but it does look like that seal is showing some chafing, meaning the seal isn't perfect anymore, which would allow water in.
That's a real bummer. I wonder if it was supposed to have drain tubes, but they didn't install them. So you're saying there are drain holes in the corner...but they just dump into your headliner, since there are no tubes?

It might be worth purchasing factory drain tubes, as I believe they can be installed without too much of an issue, and then you'd be able to tie into the sunroof ring's holes.
Interesting - I'm going to bet those aren't intended to be drains - they're just cutouts for forming of the ring, since they don't expect it to be a wet area.

Well, we've seen how well that worked...hopefully the local shop can give you a hand.

Sucks you have to deal with that, though - I'm still rather surprised to see an aftermarket sunroof in such a modern vehicle with one available from the factory.
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