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2014 LT RS Sunroof leaking? Can’t find drain hoses

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I have a 2014 LT RS and the sunroof says webesto is that a stock gm part? Because I took off headliner as much as I could up to the sunroof because it is glued to it. I don’t see a drain hose anywhere on the sunroof. I have taken off every pillar to search for a hose nothing came up. Now I am thinking is this a aftermarket sunroof with no drain? Is this even possible. Thank you for any help in advance.
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I'm still rather surprised to see an aftermarket sunroof in such a modern vehicle with one available from the factory.
That's what happens when you can't get just a sunroof from the factory. Some couldnt afford the crazy package price of the "Sun and Sound" package to get a sunroof.
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