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2014 or 2015 Chevy Cruze camera wiring diagram

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2014 or 2015 Chevy Cruze camera wiring diagram,
Can any one help me for a Factory wiring diagram that supports a chevy cruze with MY LINK no navigation.
I am hooking up a factory camera and i want to be sure i have all the wiring correct.
I have read all the post here but could not find a factory wiring diagram.
Thank You in advance.
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Did you see this post? Or at least check that thread as there's a discussion about adding a camera.

If you're adding a camera to a car that didn't have it, you probably need to do a update on the radio to get it to work.
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yes thank you o realize that.
Do you know anyone that can do it cheaply?
Do you know anyone that can do it cheaply?
That's going to depend on the third party shops in your area. An area-focused forum would be a better resource.
ok any suggestions?
I am not sure if a dealer can even turn it on with a tech 3?
I'm not sure what to suggest. You can try talking to the dealer and see what they're willing to do.

Or, you can talk to and see what they'll charge.
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