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2015 chevy cruz l series 1.8 gas
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so it starts rough and today the wife said she seen black smoke and smelled gas for a short period of time ,also when filling with gas its struggles to start my question is would the fuel purge valve going bad cause this or not i know it at least has to do with the fueling issue any help would be appreciated

edit: so now it wont even turn over and im getting the gas smell from under the hood
so after some research i changed the evap purge valve and still no go and gas smell is almost worse wife got it to start by pumping gas and changing from forward to reverse but it just sputtered and died (before valve change )
EDIT: well it seems like it could be the fuel injectors or the injector o ring as that's seems to be wher the smell is coming from
Well she's running again changed my spark plugs and now im getting to lean mixture and misfire in cylinder 3 and 4 which is odd but i changed the coil pack about a year or so
ago we shall see
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