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I recently just had HID headlights installed from a nearby shop. I had problems with the HIDs, as they one would not be the same color, or one side wouldn't turn on. I had them replaced once already, and the problem is still there. The shop just ordered a new set of bulbs to see if they happen to be bad again.

I told them that I would much rather just purchase LED headlights. They told me that they cannot install the LED headlights because apparently that the sensor on top of the dash will burn out the LED's during the day. Is this true? They said I would have to put tape around the sensor so the LEDs would stay on at all times. Is this true???

Can someone give me a suggestion the LEDs? The reason why I originally wanted to swap out the old bulbs to HID or LED, is so they could match the running lights at the bottom at the front of the car.

What is everyones opinion on this?
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