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2015 Chevy Cruze LTZ long term reliability/ concern about problem?

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Hello about a month ago I bought a 2015 Chevy Cruze ltz 1.4l turbo. I absolutely love this car. It drives great and is even great in bad weather. So my car has about 21k miles as of now. I'm curious how long do you think this car will last before needing serious repairs. 200k miles? 300k? 1 million? I've been searching the internet, but not much information is available. I've seen some eco's with 200k plus miles from earlier models. So I'm guessing this newer model will preform better. Right now, however, when approaching a stop sign or red light right before stopping I'm guessing while it shifts down to 1st(automatic) it jerks me forward a little bit. Other cars I have rode in never did this. This problem however seemed to has went down quite a bit after I started using 93 octane gas from shell(top tier gas which is recommended in owners manual) I used to use 87 regular from whatever gas station down the street. Another issue its not a big deal, but driving at higher speeds like 65mph. The steering wheel seems a little stuck. So when I make small corrections to stay straight it is a bit difficult compaired to other cars. Has anyone experienced this? Well that's all for now. I'm really curious though how many miles yall think this baby will make before its time to move on. This is my first nice car so I want to make sure I take care of it. Looking to keep it for 15 years. I'm only 25.
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yeap that's the exact same thing going on with my steering thank you. Reading over though seems like they can't resolve it? Only make it worse? ugh
mine was flashed, it went away and hasnt come back.
what does flashing mean sorry I am now asking that 2 times lol
2011 was the first year for the Cruze in North America. As such, there's not a whole lot of data. There were certainly some teething problems, but so far it seems to be a steady performer. If you're religious about the oil changes and using a full synthetic, you should be fine.
what does flashing mean sorry I am now asking that 2 times lol
dealer hooks your car to computer and redoes the software for the electric steering
I check my oil every morning and night. I have amsoil sig series laying next to my bed.. I even have a reminder app on my phone also next to my bed. lol I like to eat breakfast cereal reading the amsoil bottle and owners manual extreme?
thanks man I will have that done I love warranties :)
As far as your downshift question.......this trans design is a bit harsh compared to units of the past.
It uses a control module that 'learns' your driving habits and takes almost 1000 miles to 'get to know your style'.

For the most part, it is the nature of the beast and of no concern.

as far as downshift response. Is using top tier gas rated 93 octane better for the car? I'm tryin to take care of it. Is using 93 octane better for the cars engine in the longrun? I know top tier gas is, but octane rating?
Most of us running the 1.4t have found the engine performs best if 93 is used when ambient temp. is above 60 degrees.

Below that temp, the engine seems not to care what it is fueled with.
As a side benefit, in the above 60 temps, 93 generally helps you pick up several mpg.

From a longetivity standpoint only, the engine has aggressive knock sensors and the like to prevent damage from lower octane octane used should have no effect on longetivity beyond shortening the cash in your wallet quicker.

I had a 14 Eco 6 speed manual, I don't think putting in 93 octane does almost anything or it didn't in my car, I ran 87 octane just like it has in owners manual for 22500 miles and I think I tried one tank of premium and I saw almost no difference. In older models it did make a difference so folks say. Using top tier has makes sense it is in the owners manual. Just keep dexos 1 oil in car, keep oil changed and keep up on service and car should last a long time. premium gas where I live is at least 25% more in cost, in no way shape or form does it increase fuel economy by 25%. Maybe low single digit increase if any.
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