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1. So the Mylink in my 2015 Cruze defaults to calling my wife at her work number instead of on her cellphone whenever I use the call/dial phone voice commands through the steering wheel control. Is there anyway to change this besides completely deleting my wife's work number from my cell phone? I've tried to erase both her work and cell number from my phone and then re-entering them both with her work number coming first and her cell number being entering in last, but it still doesn't seem to fix the problem.

I'm aware that I can tell the system to directly "Dial/Call" my wife on her "Cell/Mobile" but I'd like to know if there's a way to ensure that it just calls her cell phone by default and not her work number when I tell the system to "Call" Julia Starks. Thanks!

2. Under phone settings the Mylink system allows you to arrange your phonebook contacts by either their first or last names. If you have your contacts ordered by last names, is this how you must say it when you use the "call/dial" phone voice commands? I ask because, whenever I had my contact names listed by last name but yet verbally told the system to "call/dial" a person by their first name followed by their last name, instead of their last named followed by their first name, the Mylink could never find them correctly and would get all confused and wacky.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I have a 2014, and I have an iphone, so I use the Siri hands free by holding the call button down until Siri responds. I can then say call wife home, or call wife work and it figures out which number to call.
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Hey Starks ....Read the OMA and then tell us what ya think about giving a noun nomaclature to designate each and every different # listed on yer intergalactic speach devices and how to intelligently discern from cussing at the top of yer lungs at yer New White fully loaded Cruzen cuzz IT won't call the old lady at home instead of work ...Dang thing ........................................................................................................................................................................................................

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I am not very helpful either, its a computer composed of consumer grade components with code stored in flashram that is exposed to the automotive environment.

Ha, if you buy any home computer, big warning sign, do not fired it up until it warms up in the interior of your home.

Okay, I have been retired for the last five years, last SAE definition of the automotive environment is:

Temperature, must operate reliably from -40 to 125 degrees Celsius, but we learned this isn't even under the hood, can hit temperatures at high as 165*C.

Humidity, 0 to 100%, seems reasonable, can't go below 0 or above 100%.

Load dump, all electronic components must survive a 10 millisecond voltage peak of 40 volts. But this isn't high enough either, with some vehicles with corroded battery terminals or even a battery that has lost its capacity, we measured peak voltages across the electronic components as high as 150 volts!

These are the key SAE specs, others, but just listing the key ones.

These radios, or should I say, computers are not repairable, what complicates this issue, don't even know who made the darn thing with multiple outsourcing, and not every vendor, (Chinese?) is honest, will provide good samples, but production is a different story.

You are good as long as your 36,000 mile 36 month month warranty is good, whichever comes first, in our case, was 36 months, have different vehicles to drive. But after this, may have to get a second mortgage on your home the way they price these things.

Next obstacle is finding a good dealer, may hear, dey all do dis, we ain't got any codes, or we can't find the problem.

So the problem is trying to find a good honest dealer that cares about customer care. And takes your word for your problems, and just replaces the darn thing under warranty. Also can be unrelated problems like a poor ground or a battery connection that are very erratic, but this can be tested if they would teach them basic electronics.

Depends on a good power on reset, if the program counter is not reset to zero, no telling how it will behave. Ha, one solution, is not a problem if you don't have this stuff.

Good luck in finding a good dealer, other problem is flashram getting corrupted, only takes one byte to screw things up. That is one byte out of a zillion.
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