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2015 Crazy Cruze

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My Cruze has only 50,000 miles and while driving one evening multiple lights started glowing on the dashboard, Traction Control/StabiliTrk, Power Steering, Anti-Lock Brake System and Brake Lights. There didn't seem to be an issue with the mechanics at the time, however I lost the brakes twice (only in reverse) prior to reaching the dealership. The dealership performed a diagnostic check and can find no reason for this. Has anyone else had this type of issue?
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What year, trim level (LS, LTZ, Diesel, Eco, etc) and transmission type (auto or manual) are you having issues with? Please provide any other information that may help us diagnose and solve the issue.

As posted above, the negative battery cable is the usual first suspect with electrical gremlins in the Cruze.
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