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Hi everyone, new guy here.

So, I have a younger brother that bought a 2015 Cruze LT about a year ago. Cars been good so far, no issues. Then he contacts me a couple days ago about some paint problems that have cropped up recently on the car. I've attached some pictures of this.

What is going on here? The car was bought with less than 20K on it, no reported issues/accidents/damage. It looked great up until recently. A GM dealer told him someone must have replaced those parts and done a crap job repainting them. He doesn't know what to do, as this makes the car look terrible and it's only 3 model years old. I think it looks like clearcoat lifting myself, but all I have it pictures. I'll be traveling to see him in a few days and look at the car myself. The car was recently really dumped on sitting outside by Hurricane Harvey, but not flood damaged from the storm.

So any chance this has some GM paint job/clear issue, or does it look like some inferior, non-disclosed fix?


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In my more than 35 years of driving I’ve never seen a clear coat failure like that on a factory paint job.

But I have seen many cheap body shop jobs go like that.

For the record, my 2014 is painted that same color. I have zero problems with my paint and it has spent its entire life ungaraged and outdoors.
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