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The back bumper looks just like the presumably original paint on both bumpers of my 1998 Taurus. And the Taurus didn't look like that when it was 15 years old. Not acceptable on a 2015. Fixing dings and respraying is a normal part of used car preparation, but spraying whatever they used on that car, or not doing proper surface prep first, is not.

It's a pity because a really good PDR tech might have been able to fix whatever was wrong with the C pillar without painting it. Then you'd be looking at just a bad paint job on a bumper and you might be able to just hang a used bumper on it.

I'd shop around some on the paint work.
$2000 sounds a bit high, it's more than I paid last week to spray a new door and fender, and respray a front bumper to get rid of a few stone chips, in that same color. And I used a proper shop with a $25,000 controlled climate paint booth and the original water based paint.

I'm guessing more like $1000 to paint the C pillar, left quarter panel, and rear bumper. And I don't think surface preparation should cost more than a hundred or two. They'll have to do some blending in the C pillar/roof rail area but it's an easy color to match and you'll never be able to detect it without a paint thickness gauge (BTW, one of these tools might have saved your brother from buying the car).
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