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Oh I need some good advice.
Purchased a 2015 Cruze used of course 2/20/17. 39339 miles. Was a rent a car.
Next day bringing car to dealership to get cleaned. Service light on and white smoke from engine coming out.
Take to service department, seal on radiator is gone and antifreeze spilled all over engine.
Next day, got a new radiator cap with seal, they reset code.
Friday 2/24/17 guess what service light is on. Catalytic converter code. Chevy replaced the converter.
ok so the next 7 days no service light on but eighth day back on. Now it's the Oxygen sensor 2.
Chevy has my car since Monday 3/6/17 the technicians are saying it's an emissions issue but can't pin point it.
Could the antifreeze been at fault?
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