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Hello Everyone

I am currently having an engine vibration problem with our 2015 Cruze LT 1.4 82k plus miles. I can feel it through the steering wheel. First, let me explain what I have done
to the car attempting to fix it. I will explain that problem and another. Not sure they are related. Late into the summer the AC just stopped blowing cold air and then it started
working again a couple of weeks afterward and worked for a few months fine. Then stopped working and I haven't worried about it too much since it is winter. Now back to
the vibration that I feel at idle. List of parts I changed to remedy the issue. New AcDelco sparks, new Delphi coil pack with new boots, and new gm valve cover due to leaking
oil. I did change the purge valve solenoid around 60k because it was very noisy. Oil is changed at 3k every time with full synthetic GM-approved oil. I do feel the vibration if I
feel the engine with my hand. I did change the turbocharger oil line due to it leaking along with the coil pack today. No change in the vibration.

I read on here somebody was having a problem kinda like mine and it was the AC pump causing the vibration. I wonder if that could be the problem. It is time for a new ACDelco
serpentine belt and I will start the car with the belt off and see if the vibration goes away before I replace it. If anybody has any clues as to what could be the cause please chime
in on this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do have an extended warranty until 125k but hate taking it to the dealer as I am afraid they will say they can't find the
problem. Then I will incur a charge for them looking at it. Also if any clues to the AC problem are great also. I did change the AC ambient ait temp sensor with it not solving the
problem. I am pretty sure it is full-on AC refrigerant. I tried adding some and it said it was fine according to the gauge on the Ac refrigerant refill can.


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