So I have my original front seats from my 2015 Cruze LT 6 speed. They're not electric but they are in fantastic condition and the 2015 had like some unique aspects to it. Anyway, I have these two seats. They're in great condition. And come with the rails/ sliders for the seat as well as the passenger present sensor and all of the airbags. I took them out quite a while ago for some spec d Seats that I thought were going to be cool in the car but turn on not be exactly what I wanted. Interestingly enough I was so damned at determine to build my own seat brackets that are left to the seats in and just wrestled with them until I got them right. Haha. Sigh. I digress ( I miss my car)..

Anyway, I'm up for offers. 180 per seat and shipping is not included. Ideally, if you want these you would have to be in California like Northern California near Stockton Sacramento. Something like that. As it's going to cost an arm and a leg to ship unless you're in the military and then I'm sure you can probably get them out to wherever you're at a hell of a lot cheaper.

I'll post pictures here shortly. I just got to dig them out of the basement and I haven't done it yet. I just want to get this advertised and see if anybody's even interested in getting them back