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2015 cruze ltz ticking noise in engine and slight burning smell?

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my car is newer only 21k miles.. still under a lot of warranties. When I open the hood you can hear the engine clicking its pretty consistent and isn't very loud.., but it is very noticeable. Also I just opening the hood and a slight burning smell was coming from the engine area There is no visable leaks. Engine looks clean and in shape. I don't drive it like a maniac. However I was doing 80mph on the interstate and gave it some gas to open her up and see what she was like and anything after 80mph was in highest gear and the engine seemed to be revving up and sounded like it was going to blow up lol is that normal? obviously not asport car.
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Injectors are the ticking noise - normal.

Burning smell - different than the burning plastic smell from the exhaust system when the car was fresh off the lot? Mine took a few months to go away. There are a couple spots on the 1.4Ts that may leak oil (around the oil cooler/filter or around the valve cover gasket come to mind).

138 hp. Auto versions especially don't have a lot of get up and go at 80 mph. Manually shifting to keep it under 5000 rpm will actually give you more passing power - the power curve of the engine has the most oomph in the midrange RPMs.
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