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My 2011 had a transmission pump gasket failure which was fixed like within the first six months of my ownership and was a known issue from the factory. Dealer found it leaking on one of my oil change visits. I didn't even notice it was leaking but that was before we had the engine cover hack and that was where the fluid was resting.

Never heard of an all out torque converter failure on gen1 and even the early versions.

This no dipstick crap has to stop. There is no reason why we can't have a transmission dip stick. How the **** are we suppose to check the level after transmission work so we know the transmission is filled correctly.

Dealers offer 12 month warranty on work but they could do work and not fill the transmission correctly and it could burn up after 12 months.

Total BS there is no dipstick. I will never buy a car with no dipstick again.
Manufacturers need to be sent a message. Scared to get any transmission fluid changed because you have to jump through hoops to check it and go through all kinds of BS.

Checking on a warmed up engine with a dip stick is a no brainer.
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