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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

Just got me a 2015 Cruze in gray with 14k miles and coming off a 08 Honda Civic to doors I'm in love. I bought a HiD 8k kit off Amazon and was wondering if anyone had pics of how it look compared to the 10k.
Best I can do here: LED VS Stock Halogen HeadLight Bulbs

Also, I noticed for the 2014 models and below there are a ton of daytime fog running lights for under $50 but not for the 2015 models and they apparently the 2014 do not fit the 2015?
Maybe these will fit

Budget OEM Fog Lights Install

Fog light plug

Eco Cruze Fog Light Install--Warning: Lots of pics!!

How-To: Install Fog Lights WITHOUT Removing Front Bumper

Also thinking of installing the 6x9 in the back to give it more bass. I'm excited just sitting writing here in my new car this morning. Lol
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