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2015 Cruze Whistle/Hum from front end on HWY

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One month ago, I purchased a 2015 Cruze LTZ with 24,000 miles on it. I love the car so much, except for all the small things that keep popping up. First, I needed 2 replacement speakers,. I am waiting to get these in to get the other problems fixed. Next, there was a vibrating noise coming from the right front which seemed to occur when we went UP over a bump, not down into a pot hole. The dealership said they could not figure out or replicate this noise. Thankfully that problem seemed to resolve itself. The main concern is this loud hum/whistle that is coming from the front end on the highway going approx. 65-75. I have read on here that it seems to be pretty common? Does anyone have a solution per their dealership? It seems to be getting worse, especially when it is pretty windy out and I am driving in the direction of the wind. The problem is they need to "replicate" it and have someone come with me to drive but I cannot guarantee that it will work based on the wind!?! I have a video of it and everything as well as I send via email the one forum to my service guy with some of your suggestions for another person with this issue. This is driving me NUTS as I originally told it might be "feedback" from Bluetooth but it happens with it on or off and it is so loud the person on the phone (even holding it up to my ear) can hear it! I can hear it through my music. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have an apt set with my Chevy dealer but I would like to be educated prior to the apt. Thank You :)
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