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2015 LT strange engine/transmission problem

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I have a 2015 Chevy Cruze and it has 40,000 miles on it. I noticed that my engine/or transmission runs rough and has a humming/vibration with slight drop in rpm, when at 2000 rpm. And it's not all the time, it's at a certain point. Say I'm driving 60 mph and have to slow down a tad. Say my speed drops to about 50 mph and I start to accelerate again. When I accelerate the rpms will hit 2000 and drop 1 line and that's when the vibration and humming begins. You can tell its having a rough shifting issue. As soon as it gets back over the 2000 rpm line the noise and vibration goes away. I took it to the dealer once already and they said it was shifting fine (of course) but it's really not. Having them tell you there's nothing wrong when there is something wrong is so annoying. I've posted a link to a video I took of the issue. The noise/vibration/slight rpm drop happens at 0:29 seconds into the video.please notice the rpm drop at the 0:29 second mark and rough acceleration til back at 2k rpm. Please help me! I love this car and I need this fixed! The video shows the exact problem. Turn volume up to really hear that humming!
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I'm not sure what you guys mean when saying try it in M?
With the shiftier in "drive", pull the shiftier to the left. You'll be in manual mode. Move the shiftier forward or back to change gears. If you look at the DIC just to the left of the odometer, you'll see a "M" with a number. That tells you you're in manual mode and what gear you're in.
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