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2015 ltz rs cruze with p0106 p0171 p1101 p0131 b2aaa codes

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Hello All,

I got in the car this morning and my CEL came on. I ran my code reader on it and got p0106 p0171 p1101 p0131 b2aaa. It idles very rough and is slow to take off. It stutters a bit until second gear. i have 52k miles on it. the only thing i have done is put a K&N air filter on it. That was last year. I bought it used from the dealership in 2016 as a certified preowned. I have an extended warranty as well. its a 2015 ltz rs 1.4l turbo. any advice would be appreciated
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My 2012 LT has kicked out code P0171. Engine is running rough as well. I have noticed oil drops on the garage floor recently. Dealer said it's the camshaft (timing) cover. Is there a seal that needs to be replaced 'cause reading through this post it doesn't sound like it. Also, could a somewhat mechanically-inclined person (me :) do this job without much trouble?
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