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2015 LTZ Welcome Light Circuit

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Purchased a 2015 LTZ about a month ago and as I suspected its a pretty nice ride. The other day I installed some LED door sillplates. I had saw somewhere in this site a discussion about installing these and using a fuse tap to hook them up to the welcome light circuit. However, when I looked at the fuse panel diagram, there is not one specifically labeled for the dome lights. I located a BCM fuse that the dome light circuit evidently runs through since they cut off when it's pulled. However, it remains powered after the lights fade to off and it is also powered when the vehicle is off and the doors are closed. As a matter of fact, a majority of the fuse panel is powered when the vehicle is off and the doors are closed. Obviously, if I were to tap into any of those fuses, the door sills will remain lit at all times, including when the vehicle is powered off and parked.

I'm thinking I need to tap directly into the circuit in order for these door sillplate LEDs to sync with the dome lights. Any ideas or experiences with this? Does anyone have a source for a wiring diagram for this circuit?
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