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2015 VW TDI Incentive

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Well VW finally approved sales of the new 2015 TDIs that are still on the dealer lots. Their current incentive is 5k off MSRP and 0% financing for well qualified. That is a very disappointing sales incentive, but there seems to be some people going for it.
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Why buy a two year old VW for 5k off when you can get a brand new diesel Cruze with those kind of incentives?
Because Chevy hasn't told anybody the car exists!

I think you would have to be a fool to buy a VW tdi now. I don't trust those cheating ba$stards. I can safely say I will never ever look at VW again, any car, any time.:ban:
This. I can't believe people are buying these "new" TDIs.

That being said, there is one VW out there I'd consider, and that's a V10 TDI Touareg, because there's just nothing else out there like it, and VW would not make a direct profit on a used sale.
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