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In the winter I put snow tires onto my Cruze, which means the rims get replaced with 15'' steel ones in the winter (X43557 rims to be exact). The problem is that the the bolts, nuts and rims are getting very rusty looking and it looks really bad. So I want to put a wheel cover over-top. I hate the after market wheel covers, so I would like to get the actual Chevy ones (I know they are a bit more). The funny thing is that the 1st gen Cruzes take a 16'' wheel cover. The 2016's take a 15''. My steel rims are 15''. The hubcaps are only $20 each on eBay.

So my question, can the 2016 15'' wheel covers (or hubcaps), go on standard 15'' steel rims? Or is the bolt pattern for the 2016 Cruze different than the 2013. Originally these winter tires were on my 94 Mustang and when I transferred them to the Cruze I had to get new rims (I think because of the bolt pattern, even though they both had five bolts). So Ford and Chevy must have different patterns.

Chevy part number: 13399300

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