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2016 chevy cruze limited infotainment issues

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I have a 2016 chevy cruze limited and its been having some issues with the infotainment system. When i start the car sometimes it loads up right away and other times the screen will stay black but i can hear the radio music playing and after a minute or two it will load up. Sometimes when pressing buttons they will not input immediately and it will take a moment to register and then everything i pressed will all happen at once. The backup camera doesnt load sometimes. The most annoying part is that my phone is connected via bluetooth and i can make calls and use handsfree but i cannot select the option for bluetooth, this has never been a problem in the past and my spotify app on my phone says it is connected and playing music via my cruze.

Not really sure whats wrong or what to do, tried changing the fuses for the infotainment system but it did not change anything. Any possible advice is appreciated!
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