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2016 Chevy Cruze limited lt issues

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I have a 2016 Chevy Cruze limited lt that has been giving me issues for over past year. Runs rough. replaced mass flow sensor first, then a guy had it and replaced turbo and did tune up, still a little rough at times. Started blowing smoke, took it to dealer they said engine needed to be change. I got an engine. Had it changed by a local guy then went to pick it up got a stabilitrak service needed. Now said catalytic converter needed to be changed. Did that and car is still not running. Got the following codes-P0030-H02s, P0132-02 circuit, p1101, p0135, p0300, p0171, p0131. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks
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That's a lot of codes.

p0131 P0132 p0135
All of these are rare and actually suggest a bad O2 sensor, or chewed-up wiring.

p0171 p1101
Clear and see if they come back. Could be a bad valve cover, could be related to O2 sensor.

If the valve cover is hissing from the round disc, that's a dead giveaway that needs to be changed as well.

Coil packs are very common failures on this car. Even if yours isn't bad and this code is resulting from poor A/F mixing from a dead O2 sensor, it wouldn't hurt to have one around in the case it fails (it will fail) anyway.
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