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2016 Chevy Cruze LT - rough idling, loosing power and jerking while accelerating

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post.

So we got a pre-owned certified 2016 chevy cruze LT 1.4L turbo less than a year ago and have been having contstant issues.

current mileage: 49,500
Gas type: 87

It first started a couple months of getting the car. it seemed like the car was using too much gas, had to put the pedal down quite a bit just to drive on the freeway.

Forward about 6 months later. Car started to make a whistling sound on left side of engine bay and dying at a stand still. Took it to dealership and they got the following codes

p0131, p0171, p1101, p0507, p0300,

Description: non return valve missing, pcv port on camshaft cover leaking,

Tech at dealership said it was running lean.

work done:

stop OLH for camshaft cover and pcv pipe, replaced intake mansfield ASM for non return valve missing, OLH to replace camshaft cover and pcv hose for leaking vacuum. Cleared codes, test drove.

This was covered under warranty and when we picked it up no check engine light was on. About 10 miles later the check engine light came back on and it started to slightly run worse. i figured maybe it needed to be driven more to clear the code. Then the issues with a rough idle and bogging down/jerking while accelerating happened.

Well today the engine light turned off again and the car feels like its running normal again. However yesterday it turned off for a few minutes then back on once I started driving.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you!
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First step is finding out what that new code is. It could be something simple as a connector was left unplugged. But the code will give you some sort of direction to look in.

You could check the intake manifold to make sure all the connectors are plugged in. There is also one under the manifold.

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Hey HatchLifeRS,

Well, now the check engine light isn't coming back on. I was going to take it up to O reillys and it went off. However, even with the light off it is bogging down when if I don't push down the pedal at least close to half way or more. I can tell it not getting enough power because if I put in manual mode and drive in m4(compared to m5 on auto) around 35-40mph the problem doesn't occur. I have put some 91 octane to see if it will help it run better.

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Take it back to the dealer should have been the first item on the agenda. I would also look at how many more miles your powertrain warranty is. It may be done soon.

As I do not know what Gen Cruze you have - read this:

[h=1]2011-2016 Cruze 1.4 PCV Valve Cover/Intake Manifold Issues[/h]
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