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2016 Chiltons repair manuals.

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Hello all,

I have a 2016 Cruze base model. I need a Chiltons or Haynes repair manual. I can only find a 2011 to 2015 manuals. Will this be sufficient for my needs?

I have found the GM shop manuals for $300. I don't want to spend this much.

Thank you
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They havn't been released yet, wait till Oct
But to further answer your question, I wouldn't see why it would differ too much chassis or engine wisr
If you don't want to wait, for $20 you can have the 11-15 manual.

Barnes & Noble

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I need a Haynes manual. I can't find any around the stores i typically find them in. Thanks for the link!

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Haynes manuals are great for house breaking a puppy. But as far as learning anything about your vehicle, next to worthless.

Will teach you the difference between an open end or a box wrench.
I just checked Alldata and they aren't showing anything newer than 2015 on the diy site, probably because most things that age are still under warranty and go to the dealer when there's an issue.
Thank you for the replies. I purchased the car in 2016 new. I have 15,000 on it now. I want to get a correct book so I can see what I need to service at what intervals. I will probably buy the 15 manual until the 16 manuals come out. Thank you for your help
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