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2016 Cruze Limited - I want to disable the Wifi

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Hey guys,

I have a 2016 LTZ-RS Limited. My Onstar has expired and I don't wish to renew. Is there a way I can disable the cars wifi hotspot? It still broadcasts the SSID for the wifi even though there isn't an active subscription. My phone always displays wifi available and tries to connect to it. I've went thru all the settings and don't see anything. I'm not asking to disable Onstar. I just want to disable the wifi piece of it.

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My phone always displays wifi available and tries to connect to it.
You should be able to tell your phone to forget that SSID. It might still say WiFi available, but it won't try to connect.
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All I know about these things, you have to scan, pair, and may even require a password to connect. With any phone I have seen, can switch WiFi or bluetooth, what a word, off.

Sounds like your OnStar is lonely and looking something to pair with, what's left of my Cruze, had an OnStar fuse that could be pulled, don't know anything about the new stuff.

Also wonder what are the limits of these new Limited vehicles, not only GM but others have adopted this name. Sometimes, I feel we don't have many automotive manufacturers, but just one.

Know they are making WiFi signals a lot more powerful, when I scan can even pick up some neighbors a block away, ha, a good way to get free internet. But so far, all smart enough to use passwords as I am.

See we have to use a complicated password to get on this site now, already have done this for my WiFi unit.
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