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2016 Cruze Limited Trunk Liner Gap

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Anyone have a 2016 cruze limited. I just recently purchased one and i noticed that their seems to be a large gap in the trunk where the liner isn't covering. Does that seem to be normal for the car. I have another cruze and the liner is the exact same size. So is the trunk a little bigger or was their a mistake made while assembly.
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Could you be a little more specific? Or possibly post a picture highlighting what you're referring to?

My brother's '11 Eco manual was sold with the trunk looking like this. I think that looks unfinished. I think the later models came with an option for a smaller cover for the massive hole.

My '14 1LT was sold with the trunk looking like this and I have a spare tire underneath that cover instead of the inflator/sealtant kit.

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On the second picture your liner inside the car is flush with both sides. Mine has a big gap on the right side. So i can see right under the liner. Its like the trunk was to big for the liner and now there is a big space on the right side which the liner doesnt cover.
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