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In short. Nothing is guaranteed. Even brand new cars can have anomalies here and there. I bought a '97 Silverado right off the showroom floor in 1996. Not 2 weeks off the lot, a **** VALVE SPRING broke...

As far as your issue is concerned, I haven't heard any issues thus far with any oil pan gaskets failing on the Gen 2's. However, 2016 was the first year of the redesign (Gen 2) and it's always a crapshoot getting the first lot of a major redesign, regardless of brand. I know they had a laundry list of little "bug fixes" they did for the 2017/2018 Cruzes which IIRC, a few gasket improvements were on that list, though not sure if one of those were the oil pan exclusively. So I think what the mechanic was referring to were the Gen 1 Cruze's, which did have a host of issues and recalls. I haven't heard many issues at all from any of the Gen 2's, but I am no expert.

An oil pan gasket is a relatively simple and easy DIY fix for the most part. So if the dealer cannot get it resolved I would do your own investigation under the car to see if there is indeed any 'beading' of oil around the seals and/or active dripping. If you want to make it even easier, just park over top a piece of cardboard, paper whatever. Let it sit overnight then check to see if anything leaked onto whatever you placed under the car the next day. If there is, I would just go ahead and do the fix yourself. Warranties are nice, but sometimes 20 dollars and some elbow grease save a ton of dealer hassle with warranties and paperwork. Not to mention depending on where you live the nearest dealership that can host warranty work may cost more to in gas to get there, than just doing it yourself.

If you don't have the means to do repair yourself and dealer is giving you the runaround, I would take it to a reputable mechanic for a 2nd opinion. As I mentioned previously reliability is never guaranteed regardless of mileage, but I still find it hard to believe a Cruze (or any car really) with only 22k miles is "dripping oil" as they claim it is... I have a '99 Monte Carlo Z34 with over 200k miles and even then it still doesn't leak a drop. Literally.
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