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Hello Wobbster
Can you please confirm that your 2016 is a Gen 2 Cruze. My 2017, gas, auto trans, 8500 miles, LS sedan just started doing this Jan 14 2019. Most times when I turn the key first and second times nothing happens until it starts on the second or third try. I don't even hear the starter solenoid click. All the idiot lights come on, and the headlights come on when I use the keyless remote to unlock the doors.It happens when the engine is cold or hot. It is winter here now, so the Auto Stop Start does not work, so I don't know if restarting after coming to a stop is also affected.
Any ideas anyone ,what is wrong before I go to the dealer. It is still under warranty, but they will probably have no idea what it is either.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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