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Hello Wobbster
Can you please confirm that your 2016 is a Gen 2 Cruze. My 2017, gas, auto trans, 8500 miles, LS sedan just started doing this Jan 14 2019. Most times when I turn the key first and second times nothing happens until it starts on the second or third try. I don't even hear the starter solenoid click. All the idiot lights come on, and the headlights come on when I use the keyless remote to unlock the doors.It happens when the engine is cold or hot. It is winter here now, so the Auto Stop Start does not work, so I don't know if restarting after coming to a stop is also affected.
Any ideas anyone ,what is wrong before I go to the dealer. It is still under warranty, but they will probably have no idea what it is either.
The OP has not been on line here since March of last year. You would be better off creating your own thread. Make sure you post all the information requested in this post - Fix my Cruze!!! - and post it in the appropriate forum/sub forum.

I forgot to add that it seems the OP never posted what vehicle they had either.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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