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I'd like to thank everybody for their input regarding the interior odor in my wife's 2016 gen 2 Cruze. Evidently some folks have experienced interior odors similar to our's and some have not.

It has been 6 months now and the odor has dissipated only about 60%.

Yesterday, we finally drove the car to our dealer for evaluation and resolution.

The dealer said they did not detect an odor issue. However, they asked us if we would like to have the HVAC ducts and filter sprayed with an odor eliminator for which we approved.

After the dealer's service, my wife confirmed the odor issue has been solved and even the trunk area is devoid of the plastic/adhesive odor which was responsible for my wife's headaches while driving.
I agree, it's a weird odor.
We have the same blue, hatch, with graphite leather and it is BY FAR the strangest "new car smell" we've ever had.

We bought the Cruze in December, and also bought a Silverado LTZ with cocoa/dune leather back in July. The Silverado still has that nice new car smell (4300 miles) but the Cruze is funky to say the least. Just did a 3000 mile oil change on it btw.

Here's a shot of Mama's Lil blue

This one was before I was able to buy the LPO Chrome Body Trim.

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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