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I purchased a 2006 GTO new......nice car, fast, 6m, arrest me red with red guts......everyone who saw it or rode in it had nothing but complements.

I however, could not come to terms with the odor that I think was the leather seats.
Maybe the Aussies use a different process, but after about three weeks I was close to a hurl every time I got in.

Anyways, that neat car represents my shortest car ownership stint......I traded it in 12 weeks after bringing it home.......I know when to bail and seriously, we all know the dealer couldn't do much about it with any degree of success.
No one who rode in the car found anything objectionable, so, the real problem was my internal response to the the dealer would have to fix me for any success.

A aquaintance bought the car the day after I traded.....has it to this day.....loves the car and has no complaints, so, no doubt, the problem was me.

OP....? I think your wife may be sensitive to the natural odor of the plastics or leather used in this new may have to take the same path I did......a bit of cash down the tubes but why pay for a car you can't stand being in?

Sucks, but all a dealer can do is replace the whole interior, bugger up the car, all for the same results.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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