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Yes - the Cobalt was real easy to do an amp install on. I had a PAC LOC on the 6x9s at first, but when I changed over to my Alpine MRP500 Monoblock, I hard-wired into the speaker lines (as the amp has it's own, better, high-level inputs - and I felt the PAC LOC was being funky anyway; sound is much better).

Having to only run about 2 feet of power cable is great. If I choose to run my MTXs that I had in the Cav, in the Volt, it should be just as simple, as the 12V battery is out back as well - and I should be able to run the signal off the Bose sub's feed (which is a bonus, because otherwise I'd have to run to the doors).

Where is the Cruze amp? If you have the Pioneer system, you could feasibly tap into that. Running the power wires to the front isn't too bad, just make sure you keep your signal wires on the other side of the car.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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