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I didn't do a video because in all honestly I wasn't completely confident I could get it done. I had a local shop quote me $300. I had a free day Saturday and just decided to give it a try. I'm pretty knowledgeable about wiring and circuitry so once I got into it, I found it pretty straight forward. Here's a pic of the taillights and a diagram showing what does what
I hate to revive an old thread but this thread contains the only information I have found for installing the LED tail lights available on ebay/aliexpress.

This install is pretty straight-forward for me. I only really have two questions. The fog lamp plug... I don't know what I should wire that to. I'm unsure what it was meant to do. Also, my fog lamp extension line has an extra piece of wire with a pin hanging from it. What did you plug that into? Any help would be great. Thank you.
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