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2017 CRUZE LT 20% Off

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Just a couple month ago I was told this would never happen with the CRUZE and now through Aug 14th get any 2017 LT for 20% off! Just the start of this season's CRUZE discounts!

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there were more than that on the ground last I knew, to the tune of 160+ days. Deep doo-doo. The segment is dead. Great little cars, but the segment is dead and GM as usual sucks at forecasting and controlling inventory. I bought a loaded LT RS in Feb for ~15350. I've been playing the game for a long time with GM.
Considering the giveaways, buy these to drive the snot out of them, or keep them a long time as a short hopper 3rd vehicle like I did. They are gonna depreciate hard, really hard.
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