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I am looking to install subwoofers in the trunk of my 2017 chevy cruze. I have heard some people say it is pretty easy and you can just stay in the trunk since the battery is there. This would be ideal for me because I only want to rip the dash apart if it is the only way to install the subwoofers.

I have watched friends install subwoofers and watched videos as well. This would be my first time doing an install by myself. I am hoping I can do it by myself as my local sound shop is quoting me $200+ to install a dual 12" ported bass system.
When I talked to them they said it would be pretty easy to install since the battery was in the trunk. Then he mentioned that they would need to get an LOC as well due to me keeping the stock head unit because of all the features on it.

So if any of you have installed subwoofers in your 2017 chevy cruze please help me out. I would greatly appreciate any help. My main thing is seeing if there is a way to install the subwoofers with out having to rip the dash out.

The system I was looking at was this one from memphis SRX212 - Memphis Car Audio
The local sound shop told me that was a really good one to add some pretty good bass to a stock system.

I would appreciate the help :)
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