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2017 cruze oem cold air ordered..

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Supposedly comes with a code for a reflash. Not sure of power increase, but hey I can have an intake and tune under warranty for ~400$!!

I ordered the part today (3/9/18). It wasn't available through the dealer, but I found it online. Has anyone else ordered this yet?
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Being a cold air intake, it's more for sound - not many gains to be had anyway, given the stock setups these days are pretty well optimized anyway.

That said, I'm glad to see it fits both the 1.4T and the 1.6TD.
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Sure sounds like it is their problem then...
Anytime you increase boost on a turBo car you cut its lifespan in half. My subaru lasted 15,000miles at 18psi on 93oct, my 05 civic lasted 11,000 miles at 6psi.
Not even remotely, unless you do it wrong.
My Cobalt started life as a stock, base Cobalt. 85,000 miles and 9 years later after running 16 psi of boost from the M62 and it is still going strong.

The GM 2.0T can handle some severe abuse without going into the bottom end. 3.8L Turbo V6 in the Buick Grand National...

And when I say "do it wrong", I meant put way too much power on a stock bottom end. Your initial post said nothing of that.
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