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2017 cruze oem cold air ordered..

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Supposedly comes with a code for a reflash. Not sure of power increase, but hey I can have an intake and tune under warranty for ~400$!!

I ordered the part today (3/9/18). It wasn't available through the dealer, but I found it online. Has anyone else ordered this yet?
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Anyone has a link to this part? Sounds interesting...
What is not funny is that there's nothing showing any performance increase. How can they advertise a Performance Air Intake Upgrade but NOT state how much performance increase you'll get is just complete nonsense. To me, this is just candy stuff and worth nothing at all except for the fact that it looks cool and all. Maybe it adds 1/2 HP :sleep006:

Like someone putting a rear spoiler on a Malibu...
Sure looks pretty though. But it is an enclosed design with a (probably) less efficient filter. You could be ending up degrading the system and re-program it slightly more aggressive so that you don't notice it. Gotta wait for some actual reviews.
Not starting a general CAI discussion...
Noice :wub:
Seems worth the premium over the AEM, especially if you consider the flashing and warranty. Let's see what this thing can do.
So the official website does not mention anything about programming. Oddly it is listed under accessories not Chevrolet Performance.
Same thing happened for the exhaust, where they flip-flopped that info out and back however they like. See here:

Also wondering, if you install both with re-programming... what is the result?
That's f-ed up! I was going to ask you to pay attention of what they're programming. Because if i get it, they for sure are unable to program it in China. No sound difference is a bummer too.

If you are going to get rid of it and sell it i might be interested.

I believe an exhaust might indeed come with an hp-gain. Especially on turbo cars. Because the turbo can well live without back pressure at all, it is even better, while on naturally aspirated engines some back pressure is essential. Curious thing though is when they announced the exhaust they were talking about reprogramming too, which is reasonable. Now that information has gone.
If you install either of them or together a tune ought to be necessary.
but they say only 2018 + due to piston redesign.
Nice info there!
Still doesn't explain why they ordered the dealership not to install it. Maybe because of the poorly design you noticed?
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