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2017 cruze oem cold air ordered..

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Supposedly comes with a code for a reflash. Not sure of power increase, but hey I can have an intake and tune under warranty for ~400$!!

I ordered the part today (3/9/18). It wasn't available through the dealer, but I found it online. Has anyone else ordered this yet?
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What is not funny is that there's nothing showing any performance increase. How can they advertise a Performance Air Intake Upgrade but NOT state how much performance increase you'll get is just complete nonsense. To me, this is just candy stuff and worth nothing at all except for the fact that it looks cool and all. Maybe it adds 1/2 HP :sleep006:

Like someone putting a rear spoiler on a Malibu...
Until someone with proven facts (why does G.M. doesn't publish anything) what the "performance" increase is, it will remain just for cosmetic. If there would be a 5HP gain, G.M. would be proud to announce it.
Sure looks pretty though. But it is an enclosed design with a (probably) less efficient filter. You could be ending up degrading the system and re-program it slightly more aggressive so that you don't notice it. Gotta wait for some actual reviews.
Not starting a general CAI discussion...
Something is just wrong with Chevrolet "performance" parts advertisement. About their "performance" exhaust system, they claim that this will boost the HP by 10...up to 148HP but anywhere you look, it states that the HP rating is at 153HP. Simple math. 153+10=163HP. But not for G.M. brains. If we are to believe their nonsense, it means that our Cruze only put out 138HP before the exhaust upgrade. I still don't understand why no one has noticed this. I mentioned this a while ago but it never really caught anyone attention. If it was just a typo, it's been there for quite a long time now.

Like I said before, if there was a true performance gain, G.M. would post it pronto. In this case, they didn't so until proven otherwise, this is just a good looking mod. $400 for no performance gain? But G.M. still call this a performance upgrade lol. No thanks.
From what I can tell, you reuse the bottom half of the stock airbox and stock clamps. It is much bigger than stock, with a smallish extra inlet that pulls extra cool air in.
Keep us posted, thanks. :biggrin:
@ Regalyisp, I'm just wondering if you ever installed this or not and if positive, what is your conclusion, thanks.
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Well in conclusion the quality is maybe 4/5, and the dealer can only program it if it's 2018-2019. The website improperly labeled it for a 2017. Gm won't do the program on the 2017.
Thanks for the reply but what a bummer.

Since you didn't mention this, I have to ask...did you see any difference in sound?

If I were you, I'd return this asap since it is false advertisement....just like their pseudo "performance exhaust" where they claim that it will increase hp by 10 to 148 lol...but my 2018 is advertised as making 153hp without the performance exhaust. Who's responsible for such all these shady and inaccurate data?
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