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2017 Cruze Spare Tire.....

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I don't like this can of fix-a-flat and stupid gay air pump.

Anyone know what spare tire kit to get for a 17 cruze?
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hmmm I have a full spare in my trunk. 17 sedean lt
I have a full size spare as well. I'm sure there is a part number. You could probably go to your Chevrolet parts department and order one.
Try a boneyard. Some wrecked vehicles such as yours may have one for cheap (well, cheaper than the dealer I would suppose :) )
hmmm I have a full spare in my trunk. 17 sedean lt
be careful, that's probably a donut spare, and not a full size tire.. (I know the one in my 17 Cruze is a donut spare)
Old thread, sorry to resurrect it.

I have a 2017 Cruze LS - vin ends with 7271886

I believe it is an LS, not really sure.


So, went to the Dealership to check the price of a Spare and kit. Nice guy gave me the part number of 1-8Y295332

Then he told me it would stick above the tire well that it is designed to sit in. There is a 4" depth to a ridge with room under it for the jack and tire iron.

So, armed with that info I headed to GM Parts Pros where I found a Cargo Tray, Custom Molded (W/Spare)

What I would like to know is if anyone has one of these and if a Full Size Spare can sit under it?

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Sounds like the Gen1 Eco. No spare tire. Honestly, how often do you ever use it. When I had my Eco I found one on eBay or amazon for @ $100. Never used it.
Before I went to pick up my 2017, I bought a spare tire and tool kit, not knowing they were standard equipment on 2nd Gen LTs. I think I paid $90 for all. Would love to recoup my investment if anybody has a LS and wants a spare/jack/etc.
How much would it cost to ship all that to Arkansas?

Also, my present trunk cargo liner is basically flat. I have seen trunk cargo liners on GM Parts Online that says Molded w/Spare but they do not show the under side of the mat and it looks Identical (stock photo) to the Molded w/o Spare picture.

I am assuming since the guy at the Chevy place said the spare will stick up past the trunk wheel well, that I need this Item?

Online, spare rims at the GM Parts Online, they only show 17" | 18" where mine is a 15"

Cars haven't come with full sized spares for decades now.
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