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2017 Emblem

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Hello! I just received my black chevy emblems to replace on my car. Has anyone replace the actual emblem and have any tips? I've watched a couple of youtube videos but none were of a Cruze. I'm just not sure yet if I'll need to remove the grill or if I can fit my hand behind it. (It's been too dark and cold when I get home to look yet) This weekend should be decent weather so I'm planning to do it then.
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Welcome to the forum @Joseyac18.

This link has some info on the Gen 2 front emblem that might help.
Welcome Aboard!:welcome: If they are anything like the Gen I's, they are a bear to remove. They are made of cheap plastic and are held on by what seems to be Gorilla tape. I had my front end apart (to be replaced - long story) and I tried to remove it, at first trying not to damage it, but later I just tried to get it off. It is still on the damaged front fascia - I gave up and bought a replacement.
The front is easy, it clips in place, you just have to release all the hooks one by one.

The back one is held on with adhesive tape. I never removed mine, just had it painted where it sat. Does your replacement emblem have locating pegs on it or is it plain sticky tape?
I just got done replacing both! In love! The back one was pretty easy. Just used painters tape to mark where the new one would go, used a heat gun to heat the tape and flossed fishing line between it to remove it. You’ll have to hand pick the old tape off. The front was a little more tricky until I got my hand behind it to push the clips loose. I’m super happy with it! ?


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