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2017 lt with 9 speaker bose and wanting more....

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Hi all.

I have searched, but I cannot seem to fine much info on folks who have the 9 speaker bose system, and tried to upgrade it.

I think it sounds pretty good, but like most factory systems lack clarity in the upper frequencies. I also hate the fact that I have to max the treble and turn the bass almost all the way down..But I think that is more the head unit than the speakers.

What I would like to know, is what can or should I do to improve my system? Change the centre dash speaker? Change the front doors/corner dash to better components? If I do that will they run ok off the bose amp?

Thanks for your help.

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I'd imagine as long as the speakers you choose are the same resistance as the ones you take out it should be fine.

**One thing I hate about the Mylink system is that when running android auto and listening to spotify you cannot adjust the sound settings. You have to go to the radio or satellite to adjust settings then go back to spotify. Terrible.
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