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So far so good. With any new car you're going to learn the quirks, what you missed in purchase and don't like vs what you found and do like.

Let's start with something I knew I was getting that lots of folks hate. The auto stop/start. I'm totally fine with it. It's easily defeat-able without doing a bunch of monkey motion BS like switching to low or tinkering with the AC. Kind of blows my mind with all the hatred. I think most of that animosity comes from "being controlled" or something. Whatever. Just come to a complete stop, let off the brake and reapply. Car idles and is ready to go. Or sit there for 2 minutes and not have the car running. I personally like this function/ each his own.

Acceleration is pretty good. I'm quite content with it. It's not a race car but it get's up and goes. I've found that throttle control really dictates how it behaves. Mashing it to the floor is not the way to go. A steady "roll on" is the way to go. Driving the car smoothly took a day or two to figure out. Granted, I'm commuting and trying to see what kind of consistent mileage I get so I'm not driving like an a-hole concerned with performance. The few times I've needed to pass or wanted to give it a goose I've not been disappointed. Which brings me to...

Handling. My first test drive in a base hatchback felt kind of numb. I was not impressed and left feeling pretty underwhelmed. I wanted to like the car but...I didn't. A little more research and advice from here and I went back and test drove the "Premier" version. A little tweak to the steering ratio and different rear suspension coupled with 17" wheels as opposed to the 16's and voila! Not night and day but a good improvement. I wanted a car that could pass slow pokes on a mountain road and handle decent...this car fit's me well.

I took it to a local mountain road I hadn't been on in years on the way home from work a week ago and had a blast! This is where the "low" setting comes in to play. Pick a top gear that the car will not go above and it did really well. This particular road is known as GMR to the locals (Glendora Mountain Road). It's tight and twisty, not made for high speed. Set the car in 3rd or 4th and have some fun. For those that think that this feature is some sort of gimmick, it's not. Want to waste your brakes? Leave it in drive. Want to have your transmission constantly hunting? Leave it in Drive. Drop it into low and pick a top gear based on conditions and have fun. It's not a "sport mode" so don't expect it to hold a gear longer up to red line...that's not what it's intended for.

The seats are comfortable and while I live in California, the heated feature along with a heated steering wheel are useful for those "brisk" 30 degree mornings LOL! Leather seats do get cold regardless so it's nice to have a bum warmer.

Those are just some of the things I like so far...It ain't perfect but it's a good car.

The things I don't like are more nit picks for now and they are few. Like the rear USB port. Hoped it was connected to the head unit but it is not. Wanted to plug a 32GB thumb drive in and leave it back there as an option for music. Nope. Strictly a charging port. I'm used to having, at the very least, an SD card that has all my music on it that's independent of everything else. Pop it out once in awhile to update it and plug it back in and forget about it.

The other thing is where to put todays huge cell phones? Without a ton of cables? The little pocket at the front near the ports is a joke. I have a Samsung Edge and it doesn't even begin to fit in that little tray/nook/useless area. Dump it in one of the cup holders? String a chord to the port? I love the Android Auto app but WTF? Are car makers oblivious to something so obvious as to make a simple dedicated slot for a cell phone? A half inch wide by 3 or 4 inch deep padded slot? Whatever...

My biggest gripe. Headlights. This is something I used to take for granted but when you get used to something and have it taken away from you on a daily drive it really stands out. I thought people bitching about headlamps was just that, bitching. My drive to work has a typical on ramp that in normal daily driving (I thought) was no big deal. But at 5 or 6AM in the morning when it's pitch black I realized...hey! These headlamps suck! Dropping down in to a 360 degree "bowl" and not being able to see lane markers and previously visible markers was...well, I'm concerned. Being able to use high beams in mountain conditions is different from daily driving. This issue has to be fixed.

These are just a few things after 3 weeks. Overall I'm happy with the car and quite pleased with a lightly "used" 2017 with 18,000 miles on it. I like it and have no regrets so far...

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