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2017+ Radio Features

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I have a few questions about the radio features. I'm led fo believe that the only nav is Apple maps if you have an iPhone? Also I have a ram 3500 that has a feature called tune select. Only for SXM. When you fav band comes on its alerts you, when you select it the song being played starts at the beginning. Is this offered? Are the Nav choices? Not really a fan of Apple maps. Thanks.
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Yes, only apple maps with an iPhone. Apple locks everything else out on Carplay. Android auto gives you the choice of Google maps or Waze.

I haven't seen the option for alerts on XM, but I haven't looked too hard for it either.

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I have an Apple phone with Google maps and most often, I pull up Google maps first when navigating in a car without a connection.
However, the Apple map interface on the Apple Carplay is very good. Easy to read, use, hear, look-up, etc. I don't miss Google maps with this set up.
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