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I changed my son’s spark plugs in his ‘18 Chevy Cruze and right before that he’d come from getting an oil change where they told him he needed a new air filter, which he didn’t get. After both of those things he got multiple codes from his check engine light (see below). Originally, he had one code for the knock sensor. I changed the spark plugs in hopes of an easier fix, which it did clear that code and no more knocking. Could the oil change place not put the air filter back in correctly or could I have knocked a hose loose when putting the foam cover and hard cover back on the engine? Now he’s saying his cruise control isn’t working. I’m lost and need help! Thanks!

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I’m lost and need help!
Welcome to the forum!

In general you can do a web search for "Chevrolet Pxxxx", but in this case the codes are

P0097 = Intake air temperature sensor 2 circuit low
P00F4 = Humidity sensor circuit low
P0102 = Mass air flow sensor circuit low
P0113 = Intake air temperature sensor circuit high
P121A = Mass or volume air flow A supply voltage control circuit
P121B = Mass or volume air flow A supply voltage control circuit low
P2227 = Barometric pressure sensor performance
P2229 = Barometric pressure sensor circuit high voltage

I'd start by looking for pinched or broken wiring in the areas the work was done, and checking the relevant fuses. Don't forget to disconnect the negative battery terminal first. Good luck, I hope it's a simple fix!
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