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Hey all, just wanted to post a few pics for reference here because I had zero luck searching online before I did this. I'm planning a custom gauge mount via the LH defrost vent on the dash of my car and needed to remove the vent to pull dimensions so that I can 3d model everything. I was really worried about breaking something though after playing around with it a bit. In the end, the best tool for the job was a small plastic spudger I have used in the past for cell phone repair. I'm sure an automotive trim removal tool might work as well but the only thing I'd say to that is I'm not sure they would be small enough so they might damage either the dash material or gauge the plastic on the vent.

I'll update this thread as I move along in my project but for now I just wanted to attach these pics so people can see how the vent is attached. It's just plastic tabs built into the vent so if you press in a little while prying up in a couple places, it'll pop right out.



Stay tuned!
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