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2018 Diesel Cruze 6 speed manual regen not working

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Hello all, I need some advice/help, my 2018 diesel cruze manual 6 speed regen system is not functioning at this time. Several mechanics have stated this. I know I have a NOX sensor not functioning, would this cause the total system sensors to all read in the negatives? I have other diesels but none of those have the def system. I have codes for the regen system. Some input would be helpful cause both mechanics said it would take a bit to find the issues. Thank you all so much
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So where to start for repairs. I haven't checked the sensors myself but codes read for NOx sensor and closed loop
The 2 I have seen did say I have 2 O2 sensors and 2 NOx sensors. So another question where to get the NOx sensors cause everyone see.s to be out of stock. The mechanic said my system will never regen till the system gets fixed, with that said he said all sensors were in the negative and with that regen will not take place
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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