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2018 LT 'Rally' mods?

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Hi all,

I'm looking to do something fairly silly with my 2018 LT sedan..

Living near the mountains and spending a lot of time outdoors has inspired me to possibly make a few modifications.. this car has been rock solid reliable for me and I really don't want to buy a whole new car/truck (at least not yet) SO that leads me to this:

I want to make my Cruze more "off-road" (mostly just ground clearance and some body/subframe/oil pan protection) capable.

It's already trifecta tuned and lowered on eibach racing springs (i am considering going back to stock ride height, but coilovers, since the stock sprimgs are far too sloppy).

One of the changes I'm looking to make is adding some meatier tires, either gravel rally tires, all terrains, or some high-end all-seasons.

On to my question:

What's the maximum tire height I could reasonably accommodate on the stock 16" wheels?

I'm considering going up to 205/65/16.

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Hercules "Avalanche RT's" 205/70R15 on DAI rims "Nerve" 1.5" more side wall, with a 1" taller tire.
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Sorry just figured out it's a gen 2... So the 105/5 bcd with 31mm offset may not fit
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Love it! Thanks for sharing. Out of curiosity, is your car 5mt? LSD?

Edit: what are you doing for suspension?
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1.8L( iron block) aluminum flywheel 6mt. Open diff, but the tires help alot. As for suspension it's all stock.

Imagine the gen 2 is a lot lighter and better tuned suspension wise.
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Gen 2 stock springs were like driving a trampoline lol. I imagine the RS springs might be better.

Like 3 months into owning the car I swapped to Eibach Racing springs, now it feels like my old Cobalt SS did on Pedders springs (maybe not quite as on rails, but close enough to feel light and sporty)

I have the auto transmission in my car, sadly, but in semi-auto mode with a trifecta tune, its definitely a little sleeper.

Thanks again for sharing. I'll definitely post pics when I clean this thing up!
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