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22"Asanti black label cruze rims

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I recently just bought a set of Asanti Black Label 22" rims for my cruze on a whim

Thinking. ...I'm gonna sell them already
I commute a fair bit and don't wanna wreck them

Make an offer....I'm also open to trades for stock RS rims with rubber if MINT

I'm located in SW ONT near london
I can email pics if you send me an email Addy



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Nice looking wheel.

Bolt pattern?

wheel diameter and width?


Tire size?

Tire manufacturer?

miles on the wheels/tires?



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I believe 37 offset
not sure on kms on them
bought them used
in good shape
not perfect. ...
rubber is pretty good
have to check on tire brand tonight
Bolt pattern?
Well done. Next time you post something for sale please demonstrate the due diligence to include all of these pertinent details in the first post. You may not have anybody care enough to tease the details out of you.
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